Monday, February 28, 2011

FHE = I *heart* monday nights

I look forward to Monday nights every week. Not to be mistaken for MonDAYS, those still stink but at night I can shed the worldly worries and focus on what is most

This year I wanted to strive to hold Family Home Evening (aka FHE) more often then last year. Then I found this wonderful blog that has the FHE lessons already with monthly themes and new songs to learn and some fun activity every lesson. It is because of this wonderful site I am happy to report an almost perfect "attendance" yay! I missed one this month because I was uber sick but Joe and Maribel had their own mini lesson without me so they are 100% while I am behind by one. That's okay because there's no rule that says you can't have more then one a week so I'll sneak the missed one in. Can't be too blessed if you ask me.

Tonight's lesson was on missionary work. It was so sweet watching and listening to Joe share his mission experience with Maribel. I asked him the questions about his mission and he eagerly answered while Maribel listened so intently which is rare since she liked to wiggle and roll around during every lesson. But afterwards she was our teacher showing us pictures and basically repeating the lesson back to us. I love hearing the lessons through her sweet little voice using her super sweet words like "Lestertime" (yesterday and last time combined) and trying to keep our focus by clapping her hands in a rhythm so we would have to repeat the same rhythm back. So cute!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I'm off to 'cultivate my talents.' That's code for I need to scrap my layout for my March challenge at Skrap n' Chat. Guess I better get crackin'.



em-il-ie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for your sweet comments on the blog today. It made my week! cute is your daugther?!! "Lestertime" is about the coolest word I have ever heard.

Elva said...

What a great picture of your girl! Congrats about the almost 100% in FHE!! That is a wonderful goal. i wish you luck and many more Marvellous Mondays!