Monday, August 1, 2011

lickity lick

Things have been pretty busy in the Carlberg household but one thing we always make time for is baking. Of course when there's mixing there's also licking. No sooner as the mixer finishes it's final spin there is Miss Maribel asking to lick the spatula.

One of my goals for this year was to bake more with Maribel. She can now crack an egg with the best of them and I feel it safe to say that she loves to bake almost as much as she loves to eat the results.
For me it's not the sweet treat that I love the most although that is a sweet bonus at the end but it's the quality time we spend together learning, laughing, acting silly, you know all the fun mommy-daughter stuff. It's moments like these that I am grateful for the sweet sweet sugar mixed with the spice that little girls are made of because her "spice" is something that can put hair on your chest if you get too much of it...seriously.


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DanaMK said...

OK, this is an absolutely adorable layout! I love all the pink! And the white "lace" (what do you call that trim again?) border is perfect! So pretty!