Sunday, February 20, 2011

kitchen board

I've been in need of some organization and something that would keep my scattered thoughts together in a central place since lately all my spare time has been planning M's upcoming birthday bash and preparing for  my cousin coming down to escape the white stuff. It's amazing I haven't gone to work in my pyjamas or something redonkulous as that. Yup, I just said, redonkulous. Aye ya yi.

So as inspired by a previous post I "rescued" a larger frame that Joe bought to hold photos of me when we were dating. I know, right? Aww. So with his "blessing" to repurpose the frame for better suited function, here is my new kitchen board.

As you can see there's lots of variety of items that usually require a separate list. There's a spot for a menu for a week, a place to note when so & so calls, a To Do list, grocery list, a calendar, and a blank spot for other noteworthy thoughts. At least I think my thoughts are noteworthy...

I was getting a little tired of trying to come up with dinner after my tiresome drive home from work so I'm hoping this will assist with after-work-brainmush that seems to happen when I get home. Also now Joe has no excuse for not having something to write on when someone calls. I have lost count on the number of times he tells me "Oh and by the way, somebody called for you." Me, "Who?" Him, "I dunno, someone. I think it was a chick." He tries and that's what counts.
Here's a closeup on the always depleting, never replenished grocery list. I bought this pad from Anthropologie awhile back and since I'm always forgetting something I need this list really helps. I also thought this would be a good way to always know what I need. When I run out just check it off as I go. I see a few things right now that I will need to pick up....soon.

And since I had to change the batteries in my favourite cat clock, I decided to keep it in the kitchen instead of my scraproom. Maribel likes how his tail moves back and forth but the rats cats keep staring at it like they think it's going to steal their food or something. I can see why since it's sitting above their food station at least until I can find another kitchen clock I like but I might take my time looking. I kinda like it there...

So....Maribel is turning 4 this week. I'm not freaking out or anything....*booooooiiiiip* Great. There went my Pinocchio nose.

supplies: old frame; acrylic paint; chipboard and shape stickers: October Afternoon; Papers: October Afternoon, MME; Thickers; Basic Grey Alpha stickers; All Out Of-Anthropologie; Making Memories notepad; Calendar: Creative Cafe.



April C said...

OMG that kitchen board is amazing!!! I might have to make one of those myself. TFS.

BTW, I menu plan every week and it saves so much time and aggravation not having to wonder what I'm going to make for supper every night!

PamelaM said...

That board is super duper cute. I see no reason not to be organized -unless you lose the pen...tee hee!

Happy Birthday to your Boo. It is so hard to be sad when they are so excited about turning 4. I think it's going to be fab. Can't wait to hear all about the party!

Kimmartha said...

LOVE that board!!! Now I'm trying to figure out where I can put one in my kitchen as I have the PERFECT frame for it!!!

I have started keeping a grocery list on the fridge. Throughout the week we are *supposed* to be adding to it what we want/need; then, before I go to the grocery store, I finalize it. Since Christmas, I have cut our grocery bill almost in half AND we throw almost nothing away! I feel kind of skimpy coming home with only a few grocery bags instead of a trunk load, but when I see the food being *waisted* instead of *wasted* (heehee, get it?!), it's very much worth it!

PS - Happy B-day to M - it will be a fun one I'm sure!

Auntie Em said...

Love your kitchen board. This is such a great expansion on your smaller one from the crop...something else for MY 'to-do' list!
Thanks for sharing! :)