Wednesday, February 9, 2011

tic tac toe

And now the project:

As promised here is the project that developed from the Hugs and Ki**'s layout. At first I was satisfied with just a scrapbook page but then the more I looked at the photos the more I was inspired to make a custom tic tac toe game the whole family can enjoy on game night.

Here's what you'll need to make one of your own:
  • 2-6x12in piece of chip board or a cereal box (I used Tim Holtz grungeboard found at Michaels-remember to use a coupon)
  • 6-2x2in photos cropped to fit 4x6 photo printed twice (for a total of 12 little photos)
  • 1-12x12in sheet of pretty paper
  • acrylic paint in the colour of your choice
  • paper trimmer
  • scissors
  • modge podge 
  • 2-sponge applicators (one for painting and one for the modge podge)
  • don't forget your lovely smile ;-)

The first thing is to cut the chipboard (not "chopboard" lol) into12- 2x21/4 inch squares. Then trim the photos into 1/8 inch smaller then 2x2 inch squares and set aside. This will give a nice little border which makes it easy when sealing it with the modge podge later.
I had our Stinky Winky help me with this part as she loves to paint everything when given the chance. :D Just paint one side of the chipboard squares and set aside to dry. As you can see you won't need to paint the entire square as your photo will cover most of it.
**Unless your name is Maribel, which then you just can't help yourself and MUST paint the entire square, and fingers, and table, and anything else that needs a little colour.**
While the paint is drying cut your pretty paper the same size of the chipboard in the same amount. This will be the backside of the playing pieces.
Alrighty so the paint should be dry now so you get to get all sticky with the modge podge. Start with glueing the pretty paper squares to the backside of the chipboard pieces, then flip them over and glue the photos to the painted side. Once you have everything all glued together just run a smooth coat of modge podge over the front and back giving ample time to dry on each and there you have it! Your custom tic tac toe game.
As for the game board you can use anything to make the grid. Ribbon, chalk, chopsticks, regular sticks, etc. I like to use the chalkboard cookie sheet that a friend inspired me to try sometime back. It works great.

Maribel sort of gets the object of the game but ends up playing it her own way. She's always "X" while we have to play the "O" but that's okay, X's are kisses and she gives the best little kisses.



April C said...

What a cute idea!!!

Elva said...

I love it!!! So cute!