Saturday, February 26, 2011

under the big top

Today we celebrated M’s birthday with music, games, prizes, and food but best of all friends to celebrate it with.
We turned our backyard into a personal carnival with several stations to play. When M was just a baby I received a monthly subscription to Parent Magazine and in the July ’08 issue they showcased a carnival birthday party theme and I was in love and knew that someday I would have one of our very own. Well here we are 3 years later and now the “someday” has come. I kept the same games and set up because frankly why would I change a good thing? Right now I’m all about less thinking more doing. I’m still working on Balance in my life and this is one way I can do that. Anywho, back to the par-tay…
Uncle Phill was such a trooper! He managed to escape many attempts on his face but alas he could not escape them all. Muahahaha.
Other games included Ring Toss, Knock Down the Cans, Squirt Targets, and Clothespin Drop. The guests were able to visit each station with their game tickets in hand and play to their heart's content for some.....

What's a carnival without prizes, right? We had a wide variety to choose from like candy, noise makers, pencils, clown noses, plushies, bubbles, and oh yes more candy!!! :D

We even had our very own fortune teller reading lucky fortunes to our guests. Thanks Anna ;0)

Another hit was the photo op backdrop. All the kids took turns sticking their heads through even though I wasn't able to capture them all. But still I think they enjoyed it. I did see a few mom's capture a few snaps with their phones so that made it totally worth it.

This was the first birthday party with friends and as it was a lot of work it was also worth every moment.
Happy Birthday, my little darling. I hear 4’s are going to be fabulous!
Oh and next year it's gunna be a pinata because this momma is beat.

Links: Music-Amazon carnival music; game setup inspiration-Parent Magazine; Treat table and prize table-Elizabeth Kartchner; Tickets, Big Top table set up, photo op, striped bunting-Oriental Trading; carnival banner-Hobby Lobby; prizes, candies,-Wal Mart and Target; paper plates, table cloths-Dollar Store. yes. I blew my like, a lot.


Lisa and DJ said...

Wow, Jenn. WOW!!

April C said...

Amazing! You are Super Mom!

Erica said...

U know how to throw a partay! Fun times, even if we made it just in time for prizes. lol.

Suzanne said...

Just goes to show how amazing you are when this is an example of thinking less and doing more! You are amazing!!! Move to Utah so I can attend one of your parties. ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!! Soooo sad I couldn't be there -- darn work!! Hope to see you all soon!! I <3 you!! Muah!!

jen. :)

p.s. - I can't remember my password. so this will have to be anonymous... lol

Elva said...

Holy Cow! That's amazing, Everything looks so wonderful!

Auntie Em said...

You are an AWESOME mommy and an amazing party planner! What a lot of fun everyone must have had! Can't wait to see all the LOs!!! :D