Friday, June 10, 2011

berry pick'n

With spring ending and summer approaching I can't help but miss the sweet spring things like Maribel's boysenberry feet because this girl refuses to wear shoes outside. It's like pulling teeth to keep shoes on these tootsies.

She attended a friends birthday party back in April and had so much fun with all the activities but her favourite was picking the boysenberries right off the tree and munching as she picked. Of course her shoes were no where to be found so her feet turned a nice boysenberry blue, or is it purple?

I've been working hard at using up some paper and embellishment stash and found these flowers that I bought once upon a while ago...It feels great to use up what I have. I just hope I'm not too late for the Spring cleaning thing because I have two days scheduled to do just that. Part of me can't wait while the other part is thinking of other "more fun" things to do instead...we'll see who wins in the end. Wish me luck!


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Suzanne said...

I did NOT know that boysenberries grow on trees! My mom couldn't keep shoes on me either.