Friday, June 3, 2011

oh sunshine how I love thee...for now

Summer is coming!! as I say that in my high pitched singing voice. And I have to say that I am enjoying the love that the sun has been pouring over us! Normally I'm grumbling and griping about the heat wishing it was winter in Florida all year round but today at least I am in the mood for some sunshine!

As I add banners and clothes lines to my various scrapbook pages I can't help but wonder how nice that would be to hang the laundry to dry on an outdoor line. I imagine the summer breeze caressing the sheets and summer dresses has they hang from wooden clips and Maribel giggling as she weaves in and out of each hanging garment saying "Mommy come and catch me!"

*inhale*....but then the "glass half empty" side of me barges in and flashes the reality of hanging clothes outside in the Florida heat with squirrels running along the line leaving little dirty feet tracks as it goes and the feral cats thinking that the hanging linens would be ideal for scratching on and my whitest of white sheet catching on Maribel as she runs through only to fall and be drug through the grass where the fire ants can hitch a ride and wreak havoc with their wicked biting and then a flash rain hits drenching everything in the 5 minutes it's there rendering the clothes unclean and needing to be rewashed. *exhale*
Yeah...guess I'll continue to do laundry the way I've been doing it all along and leave the cute clothes lines to my scrapbook layouts.

But how cute are these puffy fruit guys, eh? Aren't they just the stinking cutest?

And their puffy too! squish squish Yay for a new month and happy things!


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DanaMK said...

I just love your layout - it's so fun and summery. And those little fruit friends are adorable!!!