Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer bucket list

I have to say that usually I do not look forward to summers especially in Florida because they are so hot and humid. Like, it's so hot I'm gunna diiiii-eee! Okay okay I'm being a little dramatic but still, it gets stinking hot here and I don't like it but for some strange unexplained reason I can't wait for this summer to hit. One night while perusing ye ol' in'ernet instead of sleeping I saw a neato idea of creating a bucket list of the fun things you want to do during the summer so naturally I got started right away. Who needs sleep anyways? Right? That's what I thoug .......................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *snort* ...I'm awake, I'm awake.   

First thing to do is create your list of fun things to do and maybe add some things that you've wanted to try but just never seemed to get there and write them out onto either little tags or you could write them directly on the pins. I had so many left over tickets from Maribel's birthday I thought it would be fun to write our things on those. I punched a little hole on the top and used some fun baker's twine to tie them to the pins and attached them to the bucket. Since I already had the bucket and pins and a list jotted down in my journal it was easy to put together.

I liked the idea of labeling clothes pins with the fun things you want to do and then dropping them in the bucket once you have completed that item. This would even look cute with an old mason jar too but you might have to use the pinchy squeazy open kind of clothes pins for them to fit over the lip. Ooo then you could cover them with paint and paper and stuff, time I'm gunna try that. 

When I asked Maribel what she wanted to do this summer she only said that she wanted to fly a kite so I had to come up with the rest of the list and let's face it, I'm just one big kid trapped in a Mommy's body so this summer is gunna be F-U-N! Oooya!

Our summer list includes:
Fly a kite (which you already know)
Have a bubble blowing contest (which we haven't done yet despite what the picture shows ;-) )
Visit Daytona Beach
Have BBQ Nights
Ride the local Farris wheel (she's been begging me to ride it. begging.)
 Have elaborate sundaes on Sundays
Play with the hose
Visit a local zoo
Halt the ice cream truck and partake
Look at family photos at night using a projector and eat popcorn
Visit St Augustine
Have toothpic races when it rains ('cause let's face it, we live in Florida. It's gunna rain.)



Anonymous said...

you r totally FUN-O! The girls have been wanting to go on that Ferris Wheel, too. I'd love to do it at night - more magical then. And I'm totally instituting Sundae Sundays at our house (it goes along with Taco Tuesdays). I heart you, JSC. :)

Brittany said...

Beautiful pictures!