Monday, October 25, 2010

broomsticks in hand

stirring stirring witches brew
Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo
1 step, 2 step, 3 step,
Did I scare ya? Ah well, I tried. Since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I would make some fun and spooky treats for little M's lunch.
To start you'll need a fruit rollup, pretzel sticks and scissors.
Carefully unwrap the fruit roll up and cut it into 3x2 inch squares. Then cut a few fringes and roll the pretzel and the fruit rollup together and you're done. If you want a few more bristles to the broom you can snip away. That's it. Easy peasy.

I gave one to Joe and his only comment was "Interesting combination." It's perfect for a kiddo's pallet.
Happy Monday!



PamelaM said...

Great idea. I bet M loved them.

JennC said...

Hee hee when I asked her if she liked them she said yes, but they were sticky. LOL

Mike and Erica said...

Cool! So, why are there words on the fruit roll up? I haven't seen one in a long time. What next spooky treat are you going to come up with?

JennC said...

i didn't notice that they had writing on them until it was too late. I guess you are supposed to lick the strip to see what your dare is. It's a good thing M can't read yet...;o)

Julie said...

Man, you're clever! My son would love them.