Sunday, October 17, 2010

my Daddy-O

You know having lived in Canada most of my life I have only ever seen a wild beaver a handful of times? It's true. There used to be some sloughs along the country road that had a few dams and every now and then you would catch sight of some beaver tail. They are super cute, just don't approach them. I hear they can be feisty little buggers. I'm sure there are some Canadians out there that have never seen wild beaver or moose.

Speaking of moose, on my drive to the airport to catch my flight back to Orlando, my Dad and I saw a couple of moose waltzing along the side of the road without a care in the world. Those suckers are H-U-G-E. And tasty ;o)

And speaking of my Daddy-o it was sketch time over at Skrap N' Chat and this month I decided to do a page about my Dad. I miss him so much. It was a little tough leaving him behind this trip. I don't think you are ever too old to be Daddy's Little Girl.

I had to give myself a pat on the back after completing this page because everything here was from the bellows of my stash. Well, almost everything... the 3D flowers are from a Sizzix die cut I had just received the same day that I couldn't wait to try out. I love how with the change of paper they can go from being girly to masculine. So perfect for my versatile tastes.



AprilC said...

I'm loving the beavers on your page! Stickers? The flowers are great too..kinda makes me want a Sizzix. Great LO!

PamelaM said...

Love, love, love that photo and I love, love, love that layout.

I don't think I have ever ran into a beaver but I have seen my share of moose. Gotta love Canada.

Mike and Erica said...

Those beavers are cute. I heart them.
And your thoughts on "catching sight of some beaver tail..."...well, that just sounds wrong! ;)