Friday, October 29, 2010

oh red riding hood, what big lunches you have

This weeks bentos I thought I would make it a themed event! I mean, the fun holiday is right around the corner and Maribel will be little for only a short time so why not make the most of it, right?  She picked out her costume on  her own this year, so independent.

Monday Witchy Bento
I was feeling a little witchy and tried my hand at making some witches fingers out of a cheese sticks which later I found out that Maribel thought they were crayons. Fingers, crayons-I can see the similarity. the rest of the lunch included cracker sticks; rolled turkey slices; strawberries and pineapple people; skewered grapes; and witches brooms.

Tuesday: No Bento.
Lucky duck went to Disney with her Daddy while Mommy had to work. So not fair!

Wednesday's Ghostie Bento
Ghosties: I went with a ghostie theme this lunch with some tombstone PB and honey sandwiches with a little message and licorice strings; grapes, a pumpkin orange, ghostie cheese sticks, and candy corn with a candy pumpkin. To draw the faces and messages I used black glitter icing. At the end of the day I found out that the icing on the pumpkin ran so it didn't look like a pumpkin so she didn't eat it. Oh well. I have my eyes on some food safe markers for next time.

Thursday Ghoulie Bento
Ghoulies: I've been seeing a lot of these mummy wrapped dogs in the toddler snacking circle so I thought that would make for a fun little lunch theme. I found instructions to make them here. The rest of the ghoulie parts include some carrot sticks for ghoul legs; pumpkin orange with no face this time; gummy eyeballs and licorice guts; ghoulie grape heads; ketchup and ranch for dipping; and cheese fingers. 

Friday Little Red Riding Hood Bento
I thought it would be fun to send Maribel to daycare in costume so I themed her bento to match. After everything was made I realized it is a very yellow lunch. That's okay, I'm sure she won't notice...
Cheese crackers; fruit leather woodsman; pretzel 'chopped wood' sticks; Mandarin orange flower picked for Grandma;
Oh Grandma, what big ears you have. - wolf ear shaped PB and honey sandwiches
Oh Grandma, what big eyes you have. -gummy eyeballs for dessert
Oh Grandma, what big teeth you have. -apple slices dipped in lemon juice with almond slivered teeth.

Have a spooOooky Friday!

The spooky lunch ideas used are found here :o)


V said...

Seriously...that monster is a freaky piece of food...*shiver*

Lisa and DJ said...

Those lunches are beyond cute. She's adorable too!!

AprilC said...

Can I hire you to make E's lunches when he starts school? They are so are my lunch inspiration

Maribel looks so adorable in that costume! Hope you guys have a witch good time on Halloween!

PamelaM said...

Gosh Jenn...she is such a pretty little girl. It is so fun "watching" her grow.

Now, you are making the rest of us look bad with your super duper cute lunches. hee hee!

Kimmartha said...

Um, can you come make MY lunches??? These are absolutely amazing!!! You are so wise to enjoy these times - all too soon she will be too "cool" for fun lunches like these!

Suzanne said...

What an adorable and VERY lucky Red Riding Hood!Where's the taco?

Julie said...

Well one thing is for sure, if a teacher was to look at M's lunch everyday she'd know that she was loved and well taken care of and had a clever lunch packer:)

Hollee said...

Those are so cute I wouldn't want to eatem!