Friday, October 15, 2010

happy as a clam

Have you ever been so excited about a purchase that you find yourself constantly checking your account status to see if there had been any updates? Only to realize that you have turned borderline stalker and had to look up what constitutes as a Facebook and Etsy stalker? Well it happened to me the moment I set my hazel eyes on StephieMc Design's Etsy site. I couldn't help it. I was in love.

I knew this was the one the first moment I saw it. But of course like any purchase I make I had to be sure before making the final decision. So I looked at every. single. necklace before hitting the seal the deal button just to make sure, y'know?

And like anything custom made I knew there would be a production time -hence the birth of the stalker. But it was absolutely worth every second of the wait. You can't rush perfection.

I love it so much.
I love that it has what I hold so dear my heart so close to my heart.
I love the personal touch that was put into each stamped letter.
I love that I received answers to my questions in wicked fast times with such sweetness.
I love that I get compliments on it where ever I go.
I love buying handmade.
I love StephieMc Designs!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Stephanie! I absolutely adore it!!



AprilC said...

Did you hear that whoosh sound just now? That was me rushing to this girl's website.

P.S. My mom used to sing the bushel and peck song to me when I was little and now I sing it to E!

JennC said...

ooo April today is her last day for 40% off!! :D

PamelaM said...

Love that they can be personalized to hold special meanings to the owner. So sweet!

Kimmartha said...

So so pretty! Bushel & a Peck was the song I sang to A when she was little - every night at bed time. My how time flies...

StaZ said...

This is an AWESOME buy!!! Love it!

Jared and Andrea said...

And a hug around the neck! I was admiring your necklace on Sunday. Love it!