Tuesday, October 12, 2010

stab, choke, drag, throw, repeat

Who knew that self defence could teach one to learn how to knit? I know, awesome right?

I was not feeling well today so a sweet friend came over bearing a bag full of goodies; raspberry tea, all the fixins for a manicure, some knitting needles and yarn. You know, food for the soul. :D

I'm not about the 'fuzzy bunnies peeking out of holes and looping around frollicking about' teaching method. It never works for me. I'm about keeping it real. So after casting off(??) you 1) Stab your attacker (insert the stick through the loop. opps not a stick, needle. it's a needle) 2) Choke the mo (wrap the yarn around the stabbing needle) 3) Drag the dude away (drag the needle and looped yarn through the first loop pulling towards you 4) Throw the punk away (slide the stitch off the cast off needle onto the new needle.) It's self defence and knitting all wrapped in one. Ta daaa.

Isn't that fun? I have until the end of October to finish this scarf for my teacher. I hope she likes it.



PamelaM said...

First, what an awesome friend.

I think you should post that tutorial on you tube...hee hee! I am sure the title would grab people's attention. lol!

Kimmartha said...

This is EXACTLY how I feel about knitting. But not in the cute, fun way you are thinking it!! As much as I would love to be able to knit, it seems to be the one crafty skill that simply eludes me. And to make matters worse, I was born into a family of knitters. Oye.

JennC said...

Pam, could you imagine? lol I wonder if there are any out there like that? hmmm...

Kim, Knitting had always freaked me out a little bit too until I learned that way. LOL. When I come up to NB I'll teach you the way I was taught ;o)

Mike and Erica said...

I love this post on so many levels. I love the mani.
I love the knitting.
I love the tutorial.
Good times, good times.
You will be my mani muse. I will give you a mani just so I can see photos of your pretty fingers on the web. Be prepared. :)