Tuesday, October 19, 2010

honeymoon's over

Maribel comes home tomorrow from her week long trip at North Carolina and Joe and I will be back to our early morning wake up calls to "Hey Mommy, it's a sunny day!" I can't wait to kiss those cheeks and hear all about her grand adventures at Blowing Rock, NC.

One more sleep-in!



Lisa and DJ said...

That's so cute! Aubrey wakes me up and says "Come on Mom, it's sunny time!" :)

Mike and Erica said...

Isa and Lili say, "Mommy, it's morning time." Mind you, they only say this to me, and never Daddy. I think Mike has trained them to let him sleep-in, and only wake up Mommy. Or is it the nature or kids to wake up Mommy? I love this pic of Maribel. She is so so beautiful.

Kimmartha said...

This pic is just sooooooooooo cute!! Although the early morning wake ups aren't always the preferance of the day, but enjoy them while you have them - they grow up so so so fast.

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