Sunday, April 3, 2011

diy easter lace up cards

Easter is coming and I am so happy it's spring. Although living in Florida we don't really get spring per se but more like "Oh no it's below 65F this must be winter" to the "well...the calendar says it's 'spring' but really 85F is SUMMER but since all the stores look like the Easter Bunny threw up, I'll go with spring. So bring on the pastels and a legitimate excuse to purchase chocolate. woot woot  
So while I was nibbling on some delightful Cadbury chocolate egg and doing a little surfing I came across these cool Vintage Easter prints and thought they would make a fun inexpensive little project.  Lace up Easter cards. So quick and simple that it won't cut into the sweet chocolate nibbling time.
After saving a couple photos you just print them on the same page onto white cardstock and set it aside for a little time to dry. After the images are dry cut them out and punch out the holes and your done.
Ta da!
The best part is that the sound of the printer covers up the sound that the tinfoil makes whilst unwrapping a little choco-treat and when you walk out with a cool little project that looks like you slaved hours on they won't know any different. Go ahead and say it, it's ingenious. I know.....I know.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a great enabler? It's true. I'll help justify anything all you need do is just say the word.



Erica R. Montalvo said...

LOL! We are indeed kindred spirits. First, I heart that you wrote "whilst". Second, you had me at "The best part is that the sound of the printer covers up the sound that the tinfoil makes whilst unwrapping a little choco-treat." I so love vintagey cardy things. Like, like, like.

April C said...

HAHA you crack me up Jenn! Cute little project. I guess you could even glue these to thicker cardstock and make them more sturdy. Love it!