Friday, April 1, 2011

sweet tooth

We’ve had quite the week of crazy events what with M’s dental visit and wicked thunderstorms that blew down our fence but I did manage a couple of Bento goodness for our little boo. Yay me!

For Monday’s lunch I wanted to see if she’d eat hard boiled eggs again if she was involved with the shaping process this time. If you remember her last reaction to the shaped egg she was less then thrilled to bring it back. But here’s how they work.
While the eggs are boiling prepare a med-large bowl of iced water then when the eggs are ready start peeling them while they are still warm but be careful not to burn yourself. I ran them under the tap to help take the edge off but when the egg is peeled quickly and gently guide it into the mold and seal shut. Place the mold(s) into the iced water and let it sit for at least 5 minutes or longer if you can.
Once the time is up and you are ready to make the lunch, just rinse off the egg, pat dry with a paper towel and serve. She loved it!

For her lunch I cut the egg in half and took out the “yucky” yolk and threw a little salt in the tiny bear container for seasoning. I also included vitamin gummies,sliced turkey rolls, pb&j sandwich bears, peanut butter cookies, and high heels with a crown shaped fruit leather. She ate it all. Yesssss.

Friday’s lunch had a bit of a theme that sums up our week. Since it’s been raining like crazy I thought a fish theme would be fun. Oh and teeth.

This lunch included chicken noodle soup with some gold fish crackers, vitamin gummies, sugar free apple sauce with some sprinkles, SpongeBob crackers, sliced turkey rolls, some cheesy pretzel fish and cheese molars. I was supposed to use a circle for the fish heads (eww fish heads? ok that sounded kinda gross) but all I had was an egg shape so I used that instead. I will be investing in some circle cookie cutters for next time fo sho.
I wanted to celebrate her bravery during her tooth extraction so I carved out some teeth from stringed cheese. I couldn’t help it. Hee hee. Although I would totally be alright if we never have to go through a tooth extraction again. Totally 100% okay with that.



Tana said...

Oh wow Jenn you are very creative. I would have no idea how to do any of that. I applaud you and your creativity!!


HearthSong said...

Those cheese teeth are genius!