Friday, April 15, 2011

they say it's spring, it's you

Before we left I decorated the piano mantle so that our home would be ready for Easter when we came back. Delicious chocolate easter eggs sitting on some edible easter grass, a jar filled with fluffy pom poms, and already decorated eggs will be ready to welcome us when we return.

I had this idea to bring spring into my house with some puffy clouds made from stuffing and yarn. Maribel had fun pulling and clumping. The little clouds are hers. *heart*

We also made some pinwheels but our attempts to make them spin with the breeze failed pretty miserably so we just glued them down and stuffed them into a jug. At least we had fun together and that's what matters the most.

There's a big difference between Florida's spring and Edmonton's spring. One has sunshine and summer temps while the other has snow and cold breezes that can cut right through the i-thought-this-would-be-warm-enough jacket. But hey, it's still spring none the less.

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