Saturday, April 23, 2011

home sweet home

Returning from my visit home was a little rough this time. I came back with a little more then I bargained for; a sinus and ear infection that I would have rather have left behind. With the two flights taking off and landing my ears felt like they were ready to implode and brought my hearing to practically nil which came in a little handy when little whiny face was exercising her newly acquired skill to try to get what she wanted. Oh the joys of growing up. But even with all of that the trip was wonderful and the food…oh the food….
This place was the first food joint we ate at and the last. Of course there were several meetings in between…*drool* My mother in law is seriously considering opening up one of these in Orlando. Yup, she's hooked. Don't' worry, I also indulged in some amazing Poutine, Cadbury's finest chocolate, Bison burgers, and of course some yummy Haggis. Yes, I like haggis. But oh the sweetness that is in the delicious form of chocolate Timbits…now those are something worth having over, and over, and over......*drool* okay onto the real reason for flying home...

Aidan’s baptism: The whole reason I came home.
This particular baptism was very emotional for me. I was so blessed to be there when he made his entrance to this world and now to be able to witness his covenant with our Heavenly Father filled my heart so full of joy that it spilled over…in the form of tears. Of course to add to everything I was asked to give a talk, and yes I cried through out the whole thing. I can’t help it, I’m a boob when it comes to spiritual things. I just love this kid so much and to see my dad there along side him was so SO awesome.

Up next: Be careful what you wish for because people may not appreciate it as much as you do...


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