Thursday, August 18, 2011

finally a cupcake I can eat

A while back I joined this online workshop site called Something Splendid where you can take virtual classes and make all kinds of fun crafty things. I've taken a few and so far my favorite class has been creating these delightful felt treats. Maribel's tea parties have now turned into cupcake parties, she loves them so much and so do I for that matter since not only are they super cute but they are calorie free!
These are the ones that you get make in the class (minus the pink swirled frosting with a strawberry top since that one is lost somewhere in the void which is M's room.) My favorite are the cherries and strawberries which make the perfect cupcake toppings. Don't they look delicious? They are so easy and addictive to make that I couldn't wait to make more...

Meet Mr and Mrs C.
Mr C likes fun hats and to talk all debonair like while stroking his stache. He's been caught flexing his sugar sweet muscles in the mirror when he thinks his sweet 'ems isn't looking, but she's always looking. He has a soft spot for puppies and plans to surprise his Mrs with one this Christmas. Shh don't tell the Mrs.
Mrs C loves anything pink and is always laughing at the silly things Mr C says. She also loves to bake sweet treats for her sweet cheeks sweetheart and dance while doing house work to maintain her cylinder figure. She hopes to visit Paris with her Sugar Daddy and shop the many bakeries.

and as you can see they are madly in love.



Elva said...

Oh my Heavens!!!! These are sooo cute! I just love them. You did a wonderful job.

Renee Zwirek said...

Thanks, Jenn, for letting me know what those sprinkles on Mrs C are made of. What a great idea! TOO CUTE! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

April C said...

Oh my goodness could they be any cuter.

Auntie Em said...

I am so sorry I missed this one earlier Jenn. Your little sugary confections are just adorable! No wonder you won the contest! Yea for you!!! Lucky M, getting to play with these goodies!