Monday, August 22, 2011

ready or not

Well the day has finally come. Yup. Today was that day where Maribel started Pre-K. She was so excited to go to a real school and meet new friends. She had no problems going to class and making herself right at home while I walked back to my car fighting back the tears. I'm tough but not that tough when I see how happy she is to be there. When she came back she couldn't wait to tell me all about her lessons and that she has new friends and some of them are boys, hee hee.

So now I am back making lunches and since I'm eating about the same amount as my mini me I started making some mommy bentos. I mean, the stuff is out already so why not?
For M's lunch she had some grapes, rolled turkey meat, vitamin gummies, pb and honey sandwiches and some chocolate graham goldfish in a Hello Kitty egg. When I got her lunch back she ate everything but 3 of the little sandwiches because I was informed that the bread wasn't "soft". Picky picky.

My lunch isn't as fun. Salad with dressing and sliced cucumbers with a side of cottage cheese and leftover mashed potatoes. I have to admit, M's chocolate goldfish look mighty appealing right about now...


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Lisa and DJ said...

Ah, she's so big Jenn! What a sweetie. And I hear ya on the tears thing....ugh.