Tuesday, August 30, 2011

imagination at work

I was washing dishes like a good domestic when Maribel calls from another room,
“Mommy come in the living room and meet my new pet…it’s a worm.” Lovely.
So I dried my hands thinking/dreading the grossest when I look under the makeshift cage to meet this new “pet” Maribel has adopted.

“His name is Wormie and he’s my new pet, but he’s not a real worm, just my jump rope I broke trying to swing from it.”

The next day she came home from school and ran to Wormie’s cage and says all endearing like, “Hey there little fella, Mommy’s home.”

I can only imagine the going ons that swim in this brain of her’s but I *heart* it!
Now my mission is to find where she was trying to “swing from” so I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


1 comment:

Suzanne said...

She cracks me up and so do you! Ya it's probably a good thing the jump rope broke.