Thursday, August 25, 2011

loving lunchtime

Maribel completed her first week of Pre-K and everyday I ask her how her day went she replies with,
"Good. I made new friends. And I have a boyfriend!" oh my...this just reinforces the no dating until 16 rule but hey, at least she's enjoying her lunches.

For Tuesday's lunch I ran out of regular bread so I used one of those flat bread things that are a super yummy alternative to sandwich bread or hamburger buns to make her pb&j's. I love them and think they are real tasty and so does M. Well, usually she does. For some reason she only took a couple of bites out of one and left the other. Oh well, more for me C: The rest of her lunch includes chocolate graham gold fish, carrots with ranch dip in the monkey sauce container; cut strawberries; cheese; and Juice Plus gummies.

My lunch wasn't as fun but still provided sufficient nutrition which included fat free yogurt; carrots with fat free Italian dressing for dipping (in the blue container); 1/2 cup sliced strawberries; Melba toast and Laughing Cow Blue cheese. I only ate one and saved the other for another days snack.
Wednesday I forgot to pick up bread so I improvised and made M's favourite, tuna. Yup, my girl loves tuna with crackers to scoop it with. Her lunch also included some animal crackers, vitamin gummies, grapes, fruit squeezie and juice box.

My lunch was the start of the second phase of my healthy eating plan (I don't use the "D" word) and with this phase I get to add a larger portion to the food selections and some protein. Yay! So I made a chicken salad with some Melba toast for scooping, 15 little whole grain gold fish -yes I counted each one; cottage cheese, yogurt, and a nice salad.
Wednesday night I finally made it to the grocery store so I picked up some bread for sandwiches and made missy pants some dino pb&j sanny's and punched out some fruit leather hearts for his spikes and added some animal crackers. She also got some of her favourite ham rolls, carrots, vitamin gummies, tomatoes or "Panatoes" as she calls them and punched out cheese clouds which are kind of hard to see but they are there under the "panatoes". Oh and some applesauce.

My lunch I also decided to have a little fun and punch out my ham sandwiches in Dino shapes. I also included some punched out clouds in my fat free cheese to go along with my broccoli and carrots and for dessert I had some yummy blackberry yogurt which is my favourite yogurt by far. Mmm so delicious!

I have to say that while making these lunches do take a little extra time they are totally worth it to see the smile on M's face when she sees her little bento box in the fridge. Now I'm off to address this boy situation...


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