Sunday, August 14, 2011

he's my penguin

Last week Joe and I celebrated 8 years of each other. Wow eight crazy years of Florida living, love it!

There is a song called Penguin by Christina Perri that I just love. When I first listened to the lyrics that feeling came rushing back like the first time it hit me when Joe and I were dating that he was the one. I love that feeling.

Ok so we really didn't date like most normal people would have since I was in Edmonton and he was in Orlando but I called it dating anyways. It was a really really really long distance relationship and so we "dated" over the phone and online which I wouldn't change for anything.

baby it's fate
like a soul mate
he's your penguin
baby it's fate baby it's fate
not luck

You know you're over the honey moon stage when the highlight of the evening was playing xbox in your underwear throwing some smackdown! Ahhh so this is love.? You better believe it is. Since I believe in fate and divine intervention I know luck had nothing to do with it.



Kirsten said...

You seem perfect for each other! Glad that you found each other.

Jared and Andrea said...

Awwwwwwwwww! I just love you. You should google Sandra Boynton and Davey Jones "My Personal Penguin." We love it. It could be your secondary Penguin song.