Monday, August 10, 2009

and so it begins

I wanted to begin my journey with a sort of dedication layout to all the things that I want to shed. This list contains both material and emotional items that I want to "throw out" along with some positive things that I want to bring in.

Scrapbooking is my personal therapy treatment on any given day,(can't say it's any cheaper then seeing someone with a degree but atleast it's something I can look back at later and remember the times ;0) This layout really helped me sort through the things that are cluttering my life right now and focus on the important things which I hold so dear.

So I started in my kitchen. It's no secret that I truly despise my kitchen, always have, but I am determined to take charge and make it the way I want. I'm hoping that my desire to cook will return with a new kitchen makeover. Plus with my Julia Child cookbook on it's way I want to be ready!

This is what I have been able to purge so far (big step for me, I know!)

It's kind of a slow start but it's a start none the less. I feel so liberated already, just imagine how it will feel when it's all said and done? I can't wait! Well, I guess I better get back to work and see what else I can purge while I'm on a roll!

my throw out score card: cookbook stand, old spice rack that had 6 yr old spices in it, stainless steel cooking utensils (I have the kind of cookware that can't take stainless steel cookware so out it goes,) unused candles, napkin holder, some random painting that I don't like, WTPooh birthday candles (yes brand new,)a Christmas tree spoon rest, and a stone oil burner that Joe found that I don't use.

Total items: 9


note: my LO was lifted from Elizabeth Kartchner's "to-do list" LO. I loved how she listed her to-do list and was totally inspired to do the same for my '50 things'



Anonymous said...

Your layout is beautiful and I think I need to do one too. You have inspired me.

Purging for me is so liberating. Whether it be "stuff" or non physical it feels great and makes room for me to attract more of what I want in my life. Congrats to you Jenn.

PS- I love Liz Kartchner's site too.


Kirsten said...

SO doing this! Gonna get the book tomorrow at lunch. I laughed so hard at the spice thing, have the same one and I think my spices in there are older!!! Going to toss it right now! (but keeping the jars, washing them and getting some new spices to keep in a drawer tucked away!)

Anonymous said...

I didn't want to admit it but I have a spice rack like that too. The spices have never been opened. It is probably at least 8 years old. I am sure Julia child would not approve. LOL!


Julie said...

Seriously Jenn, you need to start submitting your work.It is unique and awesome.I love it!

I too need to purge and I have started some,but once the kids get back to school I'll go full speed ahead.............I think.