Saturday, August 22, 2009

august finds-and giveaway winner

I wanted to share some of my favourite things this month plus some good deals. With Joe still out of work, we've been watching our pennies but I can't help myself when I come across the "too good to pass up" deals. It also seems that red is my colour for August.

Mastering the Art of French Cooking; Throw out 50 Things; new Martha punch (love hoe it folds up for easy storage); Dr Martan's for $15 at Ross I remember paying $120 for my oxford docs several years ago; strawberry purse I crocheted for Maribel; stackable measuring cups from Anthroplogie; strawberry dish from Joann's; pin cushion that was my mother's; crocheted fruit from Ana Paula's book "Seriously Cute Crochet"; Sassafras "Me Likey" pp line; and Tucan earrings my dad bought me one business trip

And the winner of my lil giveaway is.......

YAY! Send me an email (the address is on the side) with your addy and I'll get this little sussie in the mail pronto!


Kirsten said...

Ok, first your DD is too cute for words, second I love your hand writing, and third YIPEE

PamelaM said...

Yay for Kirsten!

Jenn - Love the pic of your faves.

I can't believe you got dr Martan's for $! Oh and red is my favourite colour - my kitchen is even painted this colour.

Suzanne said...

I should have commented to give Kirsten a little more competition. :) You're so cute Jenn!