Sunday, August 16, 2009

home-cooked meal

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that Maribel could order her meals on her own when we stop at a certain undisclosed fast food chain. The hint is in the card I'm ashamed to say. I really want her to grow up with an appreciation of cooking and to feel the blessings of eating healthy and at a dinner table, not the car or couch.

But there is some good news, I finally found my passion for cooking after 2 1/2 years of detesting my kitchen. *insert happy dance here* I figured out why I hated my kitchen so much; it's because I had no counter space and the stuff I didn't use were all on the counters. Get rid of the clutter and the extra cookware and utensils and Voila! A passion for cooking is reborn and a delicious meal is the reward! Now Maribel helps me in the kitchen every chance possible. Needless to say Joe is super happy with that ;0)

Maribel loves helping in the kitchen too. She makes such a cute cook!

Oh, and I have another group of items gathered together to donate. I'm not sure I'm liking this "groups of like items count as 1" bit, but the book clearly states that like items are grouped as 1 item. Aye yayi.

my throw out score card: hamilton smoothie mixer, two serving platters with matching vase

Total items: 2 *deep sigh*
Running total: 11


Julie said...

Love your little menu board! Not too sure if I could part with a smoothie maker though. My kids love them!

Kirsten said...

still need to find that book! but I'm purging anyhow. Love M's little outfit!

PamelaM said...

That picture of M is so sweet - you need to scrap it.

The blackboard turned out awesome. Is it easy to clean?

Jenn said...

Aw thanks. yeah, I can feel a LO coming ;0)

I'm a little nervous about cleaning the black board. haha. I'll let you know how it goes.