Friday, April 9, 2010

20 random things

Just when you think you know someone. Here are 20 random things you may or may not know about me...

1) I'm really shy until I get to know you, then all mitts are off.

2) I don't like gossip. Seriously people, it's not becomming.

3) I love cats, but can appreciate dogs

4) My sense of smell is terrible. Terrible I say. On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being 'Blood Hound' worthy, I sit at a 4. I can't smell poopy diapers so guess who got to change those ones?

5) I have a nail thing that if I hear people clipping their nails I get physically naucious. Just the thought of it now makes me queazy...

6) I love hugs but nervous to give them in case people don't like them...

7) I would rather sit at home and watch a movie with my family then go out partying all night praying for a safe journey home.

8) I never wanted to scrapbook. I knew how obsessive it could be so I swore I would never ever ever do it. Yeh, well you can see how much I hate it...

9) I met Joe online and we met in person for the first time 1 week before we got married.

10) I would love to create for a living. I spend more time at work jotting down project ideas then any other notes.

11) I've met Muhammad Ali when I was young. I remember him being super tall and extremely kind. His body guard wasn't going to let him take a picture with us but he said otherwise and suggested we move into a hallway where there was less mall traffic.

12) I collect stuffed camels. Humphrey Beanies to be specific. I'm up to 5...

13) I can tell when a spirit is around...but they don't ask me to do things for them so it's okay.

14) I tend to personify inanimate objects and not notice I do it until someone starts chuckling...then I stop....until I forget about it and do it all over again.

15) I can't fall asleep unless I have my sheets between my toes. True story. You can aks my sister. No, wait. Don't ask her. She'll tell you other weird things about me that might scare you off. Sisters are great for that.  

16) I was born 10:10 on the 10th and weighed 10 lbs and was the 10th grandchild, but my favourite number is 13.

17) When I was 18 months old I grabbed my G'Pa's freshly boiled coffee and took a drink then burned my mouth, chin, and chest with 3rd degree burns. I was hospitalized for 10 days but through much prayer and blessings, I only have the faintest scaring. I am petrified of boiling water.

18) I've never had a pedicure. They scare me. Like, a lot. I do my own although I'm sure a professionally trained person would do a better job

19) As a child I would always ask my birthmother why she never gave me black hair (it was dirty blond to light brown back then). My hair now is all virgin (natural) hair and its black. I love it. ;0)

20) I sing along with commercial jingles. As a kid I would do it to drive my brother Phil nuts. On purpose. I was a brat.

I know I'm a special kind of special and that's okay!
Happy Friday!



Kirsten said...

you are kinda special

Jared and Andrea said...

I love hugs too! I'm hugging you tomorrow!

PamelaM said...

So much fun learning more about you.

I would really love to see #10 happen for you too. You certainly have the creativity to make it happen!

Julie said...

You are very special! I love your randomness!