Thursday, April 22, 2010

live long and prosper, or at least i hope to

I have been working very hard at making my life more {green} and helping out our Mother Earth. Seriously-I hope to live my days here for a long long time to come so I really felt like I needed to make some better choices here. In effort of making changes for the better, I have starting using our recycle boxes for get this- recycling! I know! Poor Joe was the only one who took out the recycling, but not any more.
I have also made an extra effort to remember to keep the cloth grocery bags in my car to save on shopping bags-ahhh I can feel my blood turning green already! I must be turning Vulcan or something-ha ha! A little shout out to all the Trekkie's out there! Snort Snort!

In honor of today's world recognized Earth Day, I created this LO to document my commitment I have made between me and our Mother Earth.
It didn't seem right to use all new product on a 'going green' layout so I recycled some old magazines that I had stockpiled and put them to use. Also, instead of using a new piece of plain white card stock, I used the backside of a patterned paper that I wasn't so hot on. That way it still gets used and nothing goes to waste. 

Yup, I'm feeling pretty good right now. ;0)

Happy Earth Day!



Kirsten said...

good for you. love the lo, great way to get some white (i always feel less guilty doing that!)

Marianna said...

Love this... Love what it stands for, and how you expressed it. Great idea using the back side of some not-so-yummy pattern paper to get a white bg! Will take a mental note of this for the future :oP


PamelaM said...

Great layout Jenn. Way to use your supplies on hand. It was the "green" thing to do! hee hee!

When J was around 10 months old, I put all the baby food bottles out on recycling day. There were at least 50 of them. I had washed/rinsed every single bottle after I used them and before I put them in the blue container. Imagine my surprise when the truck stopped at our driveway and he started picking through the blue box. I ran out and the guy said we don't recycle glass. Aille!

Mari said...

I know I already left you a comment on this post hehe - but wanted to let you know I left a little something for you on my blog :o) Come take a peek!

Stacey Adams said...

I just read Mari's last note... I left you a little something, too!! :)

Mieke said...

Love this! We seem to have the same goal in mind - it seem to be catching on... It just makes sense! Love the LO - great idea with old mags and "not-so-lovely" paper :) Love it!