Thursday, April 1, 2010

i blog, therefore i am

I wanted to create a page designed around my blog for quite sometime now but I didn't have supplies in exactly what I needed so I improvised.

I started by covering the brads in glue then dipping them into some Martha Stewart flock to match. I can't stop petting them heehee. I also hand cut the two strips for the ornate looking thing on the sides, it's from the Making Memories Sabrina line I've been hoarding.
I adore things handmade so I wanted to keep that on my layout because it is something that I believe in whole heartedly. I love supporting the SAHM's and will continue to do so til the end of my days ;0)
I found a picture of a Memorex tape online and printed it out and used an American Crafts Slick Writers to make it look like the one over there ==>

For the longest time I have wondered, is it really worth it?
While I sit on the comfort of my bed, or desk searching for the right words or something to fill the in-between posts, I have thought about letting the blogging life go. I mean it can be a lot of work at times, and I am trying to simplify things. But then I look back through all the past posts, those pesky quitter thoughts vanish into the gaping void which is my brain and I remember why I do it.
Because I love it!



Kirsten said...

I love you blogging too, so don't stop

Kimmartha said...

PLEASE don't stop!! This is one of my favourite haunts!

PamelaM said...

It is absolutely worth it Jenn. Someday Maribel will see and appreciate all the journaling. I also love to come visit your site.

When I saw your page which I love, I actually thought it was a picture of your blog. I should have known you would get all creative and even find a picture of a memorex tape. Gosh, my tapes usually housed slow sappy songs..okay enough reminiscing for me. lol!

Jenn said...

Oh ladies, thank you for your kind words =) Don't worry, I'll keep blogging for as long Blogger allows me ;0)

and Pam, my tapes used to have me singing to the radio. I thought I was hot stuff.....yeah...

Marianna said...

This turned out great! such a great idea, something you def want to capture... It def. portrays your blog.

I second the other ladies, don't you stop blogging! your posts make me smile :o)