Sunday, April 25, 2010

my favourite future professional

This weekend I paid my sister inlaw, Anna, a visit at her school and catch her in her element while I waited for my turn in the chair. I also got to check out all the funky hair doo's that I won't ever be able to get as long as I work in a govt office but boy they looked fun to have. Some day, just maybe...

This was her first week on the floor cutting real peeps hair and I of course had to come in to show my support. For only being a couple months in she is already super awesome at what she does so I know she will be raking in the big bucks once she is let loose in the public ;0)
Alas, my virgin hair is a virgin no more. *deep breath* I didn't want to go too drastic so I thought some peek-a-boo streaks would keep me in the "cool mom" category. 4 foils was all it took and I love them!!! Did I mention how awesome she is? Well, it's worth mentioning twice, fo sho!
It's so cool to know a hairdresser!



PamelaM said...

How cool is that to have some connections. It looks great and I am sure DH agrees...hee hee!

Just Jess said...

definitely cool mom category! :)

Anonymous said...

there were more than 4 foils, there were about 9 of them, but still, no more than 10 :) at least you didn't make me want to cry! <3

Julie said...

I had no idea there was a Paul Mitchell school.I wanna go there and get my hair done.

Your hair looks great and funky!

Jen said...

love your hair!! Super cool mom!!
And yes, Anna DOES rock!! :)