Sunday, April 18, 2010

tangles beware

Right at this moment these two are my best buds. Maribel has very fine, thick, curly hair and is always tangled from everyday play. It was a constant battle to tame this wild mane until one evening when my awesome SIL Anna came home from school with the best detangling tip ever.

First thing is to dampen the hair with a detanagling spray then using the paddle brush, brush the hair in diagonal strokes from the top down, (almost sideways) and that's it. It's so simple and takes half the time to brush hair. It is amazing and too good to keep to myself!
Hey, anything that keeps Maribel from running away screaming when I say, “Let’s brush your hair” is a favourite in my book! Except when Joe chases her with his best Gremlins impression because even that creeps me out.

Oh and speaking of Gremlins the movie, did you know that Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo? Just a little useless random fact I recently learned.
Hey, I'm always good for randomness ;0)



Kirsten said...

I just started to recently be able to brush KJs hair without the detangler. Now I need to find that brush

Julie said...

Tangles! Oh I know all about tangles.I had them as a child with curly hair and now my poor daughter who is 11 has them in her thick,thick hair.I knew Paul Mitchell had a product,but for the life of me I can't find it.We used the Johnson and Johnson no more tangles,but it made her hair so greasy looking.

PamelaM said... works on thick and long hair, it must work on fine and curly hair.

Thanks for the tip.

Wanna know something else that works?
A- bribes...hee hee!