Monday, August 9, 2010

alphabet fun and paper dolls

I think every parent has either owned a set as a child or purchased a set for their children. That's right. I'm talking about those plastic alpha magnet sets that never seem to stay as a complete set. So then you get creative like this:
While I was shopping at Target last weekend I picked up some cute alphabet stickers from their dollar spot. I needed more alphas like I needed a hole in my head but they were cute. So I got them. I think buying alphas is a disease. If not, it should be because I have it and have yet to find the cure. Well, here's what I did with the Target ones since I felt so guilty buying more of what I didn't need.
Just stick them on the magnet sheet, cut them out and enjoy.
That's it. Super duper simple! The best part is if you lose a letter it's no big deal. Just grab a replacement from your other alpha sets and you're back in business. You could totally use those lone alphas that never got put onto pages but yet you still hang on to just in case. You know the ones. Ya, those. I will be adding those to the mix as soon as I get another sheet of the magnet canvas. I bought the last few in the store because I knew I wanted to do something else other then alphabets. Paper Dolls.

Growing up my mother used to buy me those paper dolls that you punched out the clothes and folded the tabs to keep the outfits in place. I loved those so so much. Thinking about them also make me miss my mom something terrible. When I saw these paper dolls created by April Meeker I knew I had to make them for Maribel.
After printing them on some plain card stock, I ran them through my Xyron to make them super sticky and followed the previous steps to the alphabet magnets.
Now I'm wishing I kept those metal cd cases that aOl had mailed out to everyone years ago. Those would make perfect little storage containers for these dolls and it would make them portable too. Ooo maybe a tin lunch box instead? I'm sure I have one of those laying around...
I hope you enjoy this super easy project.
Happy crafting!!



Auntie Em said...

You are the most awesome mommy in the whole world!!!!

PamelaM said...

What a great idea. I am still in love with the little fruit magnets. They make me smile.

Joy said...

Amy told me about your blog, and I just had to let you know how impressed I am with your awesomeness :). Now I'm wishing I had a fridge that magnets would stick to (you'd think stainless steel would be great, but no...). May have to find somewhere to put up a layer of magnetic paint...

Jenn said...

Aww Joy you are super sweet!! You could always use a cookie sheet. I painted a cheap one with chalk board spray paint to give it double duty ;0)