Friday, August 20, 2010

a little shady

This idea came from one of our lovely's at SkrapnChat. She shared her lampshade embellishment holder and not even 24 hours later I made mine. What a brilliant idea! You can use paper clips to hang everything or binder clips for those loose items that don't have any packaging. I found binder rings are great for grouping certain embellies together. I had some 7Gypsies clips on hand and used those. Perfecto!!
When she shared that hers was from an old plastic lampshade from the thrift store I knew exactly what she had because I had one of the same shades. Only mine didn't come from the thrift store. I had one already. I know. It was given to us. But now it serves a usefull purpose then being an eyesore.

I don't have a before photo of the shade because I was just so excited to use it for something else and I generally crop it out of pictures. It was that bad. But this was the conversation between Joe and I when he saw me standing by the turtle tank assessing the unglyness of the plastic lampshade...

Joe: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing. Just looking at this ugly plastic lampshade.
Joe: Why?
Me: Oh to see if it will work for something that I want to make.
Joe: You know that lamp is over 40 years old right?
Me: Ya, I'm sure it was just as ugly back then as it is now. So I am going to make something of it and get a prettier lampshade for the lamp.
(All the while I'm sticking my hand and arm in and out of the plastic wraps of the shade.)
Joe: Stop that please.
Me totally knowing what he means but I'm a stinker and keep doing it anyways: Stop what?
Joe: Sticking your arm through that like that. It's disturbing.
( I unscrew the shade off and start ripping off the old yellowed with age tape and begin the unravelling)
Joe: What are you doing?!?
Me: Taking off the plastic.
Joe: Can you please do that somewhere else. This is really disturbing me.
Me: Why?
Joe: I don't go around tearing up your grandma's stuff.
Me: My grandma didn't have plastic lampshades.

I walked away and finished unravelling and began hanging my embellishments that were laying around.

This didn't even dent what I have stashed here and there in my scrap room. I love that I can see my Thickers  and the best part is they don't drag on the table, it's the perfect height.

Total cost for this project $0.00
Cost for the Clip It Up that was saved in my Wish List $46.79
Total savings $46.79

I'm thinking another one might be in the works before the weekend is thru.



PamelaM said...

First - love how it turned out. Awesome job.

Second - This made me laugh out loud. "Joe: You know that lamp is over 40 years old right?
Me: Ya, I'm sure it was just as ugly back then as it is now".

Oh and the part that it cropped it from pictures...ha ha!

Vanessa said...

i bet his gramma is happy you are finally lovin' her lampshade :-)

Kirsten said...

All grandmas from that era are thrifty in nature and I am sure she would be prouder that you did something with it instead of just hating it. I love it!

April said...

Great idea! Can't wait to find a lampshade when I get home to do this with.

Also, your little remark about how your Grandma didn't have plastic lampshades totally made me LOL