Tuesday, August 17, 2010

oh brother,

wherefore art thou?

What do you do when you open your eyes to this? I have never seen someone so excited about a thrift store find then my very own Mojo Jojo and these um....overalls. I couldn't stop giggling every time he showed me all the "features" they came with. 

Well, at least Halloween is covered this year...all that's missing now is the straw hat and piece of wheat from the corner of his mouth. *sigh*
Gotta love him.



Kirsten said...

too cute

Jen said...

leave it to Joe. but... ya gotta love him!! :)

Suzanne said...

They are especially nice with a polo shirt!

Hollee said...

You also need a banjo, and a wash tub, and a jug of moon-shine and a gator!!! :)

oh - and fewer teeth! lol