Monday, August 23, 2010

love is like a flutterby

When I was a little girl my mom used play Dolly Parton's "Love is Like a Butterfly" and I would sing "Love is like a Flutterby".  For as long as I can remember I have had a special love for butterflies and I'm pretty sure it's because of this song. 

Maribel and I always blow each other kisses and pretend they are fluttering through the air and we catch them and place them on our hearts. It's one of the many things we do when we say good bye or good night. We're quirky like that ;o) She is so loving and sweet it makes my heart skip a beat. And so do pretty pink and blue butterflies punched from pretty paper sitting on my sewing machine. Seriously, in love.
To make the butterfly garland punch out a multitude of butterflies and start stitching on the first one and continue to feed them through one at a time. For the gap just put the pedal to the metal and let the feed catch the next butterfly. Add as many as you would like until you run out of butterflies or have the garland as long as you desire.

Wouldn't they be pretty as a mobile? I think that is next on my pretty project list. Something like this would be super cute in a little girls room or your own haven.
eep 18 more sleeps!!!


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PamelaM said...

Love it Jenn. You and I have one more thing in common - we are both nostalgic.

PS - M looks so young in this photo. I thought it was a picture of her when she was younger but noticed the alphas from a previous post...hee hee!