Friday, August 6, 2010

this porridge is too hot, this porridge is too cold...

my new Canadian passport photo
So I am on my third, count them, 1,2,3 3rd attempt to submit my passport application. Man what a pain in the keishter!!!

The first attempt I had majour issues with my photo and one little issue with the Guarantor's information. My photo had too many shadows, skin was uneven in tones, wrong size format, it wasn't dated from the Walgreen's punk that did them, um let's see what else, oh yes, my eyes were not clearly visible. Okay. Fine. My mistake for not reading the fine print for the photo regulations.

The second attempt came back because the online photo company I used that "Guaranteed" the photos to be accepted came back saying the photo was too light and there were flash points on the face. They underlined the flash points. Nice. What a great boost for ye ole' self esteem because I'm naturally a fair, light complexioned person. So much for the Guarantee.

The third attempt: Well I had enough of the game and this time (the 3rd and hopefully the final time) I went to a place in Bradenton Florida that is approved by the Canadian Consulate. I'm crossing my fingers and toes and hairs that this works. I really hope this works this time because I'm all out of options.
So there I have it, $70 poorer but new and fresh passport photos and a sunburn to go with it. The Anna Maria beach was minutes away from the portrait studio so naturally I had to visit. It is my new favourite Florida beach fo sho!

Happy Friday!
Tomorrow Mr C and I are celebrating our 7 years of awesomeness. Bring on the sushi and the quality "alone" time ;0)



Kirsten said...

Wow, if that is the 3rd attempt photo and we let you back into your own country with it - it just proves what a joke it all is!! LOL

Happy 7th, hope it comes with lots of love and an approved passport application!!

Suzanne said...

Love your self-portrait Jenn. The third time is the charm right? Happy Anniversary!

Vanessa said...

First..Happy Anniversary!!

Man..that bites about the photos..I hope the first 2 places will give you your money back!