Saturday, August 21, 2010

slow and steady wins the race

I had my weekly meeting today and I thought since I haven't updated in a while I better get on that so you don't think I'm welshing' on my commitment. I assure you I am measuring, writing down (when I get the first chance), and making better choices (or so I thought-Perkins isn't kind to ye 'ole "healthier lifestyle"). *sigh*

I have continued to set weekly goals for myself to stay motivated. Sometimes I meet them. Sometimes not. But the effort is there. This week I went to the meeting with pretty low hopes.

Wholy Toledo! Who knew?!?

I thought for sure I gained. I mean when I look at everything, I've been sick this past week and Mother Nature is standing outside my window holding her perfectly packaged gift for me. Wench. Plus my Perkins excursion turned out to be way more disastrous than I had originally thought/planned. I had a slice of their sugar-free Wildberry Pie which ended up being 9 points. Of course that was after my 21 point Island Tilapia dinner. I ate the bun too. *tear* I wrote every bite down in my little book. I noticed then I hadn't use any flex points until then but I sure made up for it that evening. What a surprise.
I guess marking the boxes really does make a difference and I have cut my soda's down a significant amount. That's gotta count for something right? Ooo and I got some Activity in too. Who knew that unloading a semi truck full of Dell computers counts towards Activity? Love it!
I guess now that explains why I was able to purchase a pair of jeans the next size down and they fit!!! I thought I was going to have to save them for later. Nopers. I'm wearing them right now. They are the ones in the top photo. ;0)

Here's to another successful week! I Hope your journey is a grand one too!
Day 7 of Week 5:
Weekly Goal: Drink 6 servings of water a day for at least 5 days {check}

Mini Weight Goal: Lose 11lbs
Lbs Lost: -8.2
Lbs left to mini goal: 2.8lbs heck ya!!!



Lisa and DJ said...

Ha ha. You rock it girl!

Suzanne said...

You're doing great Jenn!

PamelaM said...

Whoohoo...that's awesome. You are doing great.