Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh Canada part I

I had the total pleasure to fly home to Alberta, Canada last week and meet my new precious niece and squeeze and visit with my family. I'm not sure if many of you know but ALL of my family live in Canada so There's nothing like coming off the plane and stepping on home soil. *deep breath* ahhh home sweet home. When I get homesick, it can get painful at times. The best thing was being greeted with a rainbow. I LOVE rainbows.

Day 1: Saturday, 9/11/2010

I flew in Saturday afternoon and my Calgary family and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. My sister and her now 3 kids met up with us there and we filled up on succulent seafood and belly laughs. It's always great to have get togethers after so long of our own lives and schedules. After dinner we hugged and squeezed our good bye's and my Dad and I made our way down to Lethbridge where I would spend the next few days with my sister and her precious family. She beat us there (speeding I'm sure ;o)

We all were so tired when we got to Vic's that Aidan tried sleeping in my Dad's bed which was the bottom bunk. After several pleading's for him to move to his own bed, he complied. Barely.

Once the kids and Dad were in bed, Vic and I stayed up and I unloaded my two suitcases that were FULL of Maribel's old baby clothes that I had held on to for what ever reason but so glad I did. Now little Maggie will get to wear them and I won't feel so bad donating them because I know they will get used. I didn't realize how effecient my packing was until we unrolled everything and layed it all out. It was a mountian.
Totally worth it.

Day 2: Sunday 9/12/2010

There was no church as it was Stake Conference so we just chilled in our jammies until 2:30. It was so nice. I couldn't get enough of my new little niece. Every chance I got I would snuggle up with her and sniff her head while she cooed in my ear. Truly the best sound ever.

Day 3: Monday 9/13/2010

We started the day fairly early and while Vic dropped the onions off to school I got to care for Maggie. Oh what a sweet treat. She had her 2 month check up scheduled so when Vic returned off we went to see her Dr. I took a little video but when Vimeo finishes it's forever uploading I will post it. So the picture will have to do for now. ;o)

Here's the video. Remember to turn off the music from the side bar ==>
Maggie's 2 month check up from Jennifer Carlberg on Vimeo.

The kids were so excited to show me around their school when I came with Vic to pick them up. Here they are standing next to their pics. Sherry's was a self portrait. Can you guess which one is hers? I'll give you a hint...she's missing a little off the top. hee hee.
I just love seeing them all cute with their giant backpacks and saying hi to their little friends. I still have a couple years before M starts school so this was a good ice breaker for me.

I think I have slammed you with enough photos for now. If you've hung on this long you rock!!!
More coming tomorrow.



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Kirsten said...

So glad our country greeted you with colours. She must have known you were coming.

Jenn said...

I agree Kirsten! It was such a sweet welcome!!

Kimmartha said...

Ooooooooooh, those chubby little cheeks!! Both my kiddos had 'em and I love 'em!! Just right for lots 'n' lots of kisses!