Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Canada part II: final days

Warning!!! VERY Photo Heavy!!!

Day 4: 9/14/2010

Mmm Poutine

Well I knew I wouldn't be able to go through this vacation without partaking in Poutine so Vic and I picked up the kids from school and stopped at the Red Barron hot dog joint for the best poutine in town!! It was succulent and so worth the 17 points. Sorry Suzanne, but it was delicious!!! I didn't count the ketchup I added later. Probably should have though...

poor sherrykins

While Vic was inside the store ordering the food, I heard some sniffling and looked back at poor Sherry, covered in her brother's yogurt tube. She tried sneaking it but it backfired. Literally. Poor thing.

The Aidanator

Aidan had Tae Kwon Do that evening so I went along to watch. I didn't want to be a total Auntyparazzi so not to distract the kids from their lesson I only snapped when I knew he was concentrating on his moves and not posing for me. This kid likes to pose. A lot.

This was his favourite part of the lesson for sure. As soon as his instructor came back with the padded mitt (no idea what it's called) he was the first in line to run up and kick it. I love how you can see his little foot off the floor.

Day 5: 9/15/2010

boingy boingy curls made from a straight iron

Today was picture day so I curled Sherry's hair for the special occasion. She loved them so much, she bounced everywhere to feel them boing back and forth. I do the same thing. hee hee

Bubble Tea

Christein treated us all for lunch at a Vietnamese resturant and me, my very first Bubble Tea. It is an "interesting" drink to say the least. I'll let the next photo do the talking.

I gave my dad a sip and he too shares the same feelings for the drink. Safe to say that I will not be ordering one of those anytime soon. Vic slurped down my "pearls" after I drank off the top.*gag*

As a bit of revenge for the "nummy" Bubble Tea, my Dad challenged Christein to a pepper eating contest. Dad would taunt Christein with, "Come on Christein are you MAN enough?"
I wish I took a picture of the teeny red peppers but alas I was busy scarfing down my hot soup instead. The peppers were no kidding 1" long and 1/4" wide. Seriously tiny. They warn people about the little ones as you can see why. Christein waited until my dad broke face first then he ran to the "washroom" for an undisclosed period of time. Meanwhile Dad drank all the water that was left on the table and sucking in bouts of air to keep the spice at bay. Vic and I enjoyed every minute.

Christein, Maggie, Victoria

This photo really melts my heart. The love these two have for Magnolia is so clear. She is so blessed to have such loving parents and siblings, and Aunty Jenn of course ;o)

Does this hat make my head look big?

We ended the day at Montana's for Vic's birthday and the people forgot to take the hat back. She's so lucky. I thought it suited her just right, don'tcha think?

Day 6: 9/16/2010

Dad and I made way to Edmonton and I loved how beautiful the scenery was on the drive back. It was a 6 hour drive so we didn't really do much other then drive. And listen to jazz. That's the life.

Day 7: 9/17/2010

April and Me

Today was the day of meetings. I started my day with a little meet and great with a cool chickie from SkrapnChat, April.  I love meeting online friends face to face, it's so cool that you can pick up anywhere in any conversation and never run out of things to say. We "talk" almost everyday so it was like meeting up with an old friend. I just hope I wasn't too crazy as I can tend to be a little more "out there" in real life then on line. On line you can proof read before hitting the "post" button. In real life I have no "preview" button so I tend to blurt. A lot.

Robert, Me, Joanne, Luke

After April's I left to the north side of Edmonton and met up with my biological family. I haven't seen any of them since Christmas of '05 so our visit was over due. Well over due. My birthmother and I are sanwhiched between my younger brother's Robert and Luke. At least I know where I get my height.

Day 8: 9/18/2010

Jessica and Me

Nichole, Me, Jody, Victoria

Another meet up day today. This time is was with my friend (and fellow SkrapnChatter) Jessica. I also met with my cousins Nichole and Jody at the Olive Garden. We stayed there for almost 3 hours just catching up and having a great visit. Nothing like family visits down memory lane. Oh the stories...

*drool* tasty peanut butter marshmello square and a Canadian Colada smoothie *drool*

After a little bit of shopping and culture shock at West Edmonton Mall, I had to indulge in some Booster Juice Canadian Colada and a Second Cup Peanut Butter coloured marshmellow square. Mmmm succulence.

Me, Lindsay, Lizzeh, Kristi, & cute Alaina

After the mall, I met up with my dear chums from the Old Navy days of yore. I love friend gatherings with lots of laughs and stories to go 'round. But it's meetings like these that make me miss living in Edmonton. Like, lots.

Day 9: 9/19/2010
No Photo. :'o(

It was an amazing vacation with so many visits and so many hugs. I have to admit I cried a little bit everytime I thought about flying back to Orlando. I'm going to miss my family so much this time. More so then before but another trip is already in the works. After all I can't miss my nephew's baptism in April now can I? I didn't think so! ;o)

Until next time Canada! Now where's my box of Smarties...

The entire collection of photos from this trip can be viewed here in my Facebook album.



Suzanne said...

I will admit that your Poutine looks better than other photos I've seen of the stuff. Still, I've trained my pallet to dislike most "fatty" foods so I'll pass. I'm glad you had a great time Jenn and I hope I get to be in one of your photos someday!

AprilC said...

I definitely need to make a trip to that hotdog place to get some of that poutine because it looks good!

Kimmartha said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........poutine.........and Canadian Colada Booster Juice........ Jenn, are you sure we were separated at birth??haha!! Oh, right, besides the fact that I am 10 years older than you...haha!! Glad you had such a great vacay - and just so you know, we have amazing poutine and Booster Juice in the Maritimes too *wink wink*!

Julie said...

I am so glad you had a nice visit in Canada.I love Poutine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!