Friday, September 24, 2010

a walk in the park

So back to my vacation updates my dad and I gave my sister a little break from her onions and took them out for a walk in Henderson Park, in Lethbridge. It was so nice and the weather was just right for some activity and little photo shoot.
I got carried away. Again. Sorry. But how could I not when I have such eager and willing subjects? Seriously?

My dad has this super awesome lens and let me try it on for size. I had heard of this lens and it's awesomeness from a sweet friend and after trying it out, it is now on my "Must Buy" list. I just love the clarity and depth of the photos. Not to mention, the subjects are dear to my heart which made the experience all the more awesome. I have to say, these onions were so good to me. I'm not used to hearing, "Auntie Jenn take a picture of me!!" and have them hold the pose until I say, "Got it!" They spoiled me for sure.

I finally took the time to learn to memory some manual mode features and tricks since picking up this photographer's "bible". For the longest time the phrase "F/Stop" eluded me and I just couldn't figure it out and frankly was a little scared to ask. I was afraid I was going to sound like someone asking where the "911" button on the phone was. Stoopid. *shh don't let Maribel hear me say 'stupid' or she'll come back with "Oop! We don't say that word!" * But with a little patience and note taking and practicing with my "Jacking Instructions" my family's term for the Operator's George I think I finally got it.

Dadeo in Henderson Park 100mm f/2.8

I was so excited when my dad entered the realm of digital photography. YaY!!! He purchased a Pentax K7 and guess who got to teach him how to use it? It's a sweet camera but I still favour my Pentax Kx and I have to say that it's so great to be able to talk "shop" with someone who is willing to listen and understands what your saying. Poor Joe tries so hard but then he'll start talking video games to even the field. I don't talk camera talk with Joe anymore. 

Of course I'm no pro or anything but I'm content with practicing on my favourite subjects and this sweet little family really made it easy for me to capture those moments I never want to forget.

My final vacation highlight coming up next.



PamelaM said...

I think you have it too Jenn. Beautiful photos. The last 3 are stunning. I bet is was a treat having subjects that will pose. hee hee!

PS - I may send you an email next week for some doodles. I think I am on my way to figuring out how to make overlays (or something close to it. lol!)

AprilC said...

Great photos! And how cute is your Dad?!