Sunday, September 5, 2010

slowdown summer

Oh summer, slow down please. Just a for a little bit? I'm having so much fun with my little sunshine and we've gotten so much vitamin D this summer it's been wonderful. 

Even though I'm a fall girl, I will still be a little sad when summer is over. All this fresh fruit and flower blossoms have made me really enjoy summertime despite the wicked heat that Florida is famous for.

And now time for the winner of my little passport giveaway.

I wrote down every name and added a paper clip and put them in a large bowl. I gave Maribel a little fishing pole with a magnet at the end and told her to go fishing. She thought that was the bees knees :D

And the winner is.....
Yay Tracey!! Your little package is all bundled up and ready to ship out Tuesday!

Since I leave for Alberta this week (doing the happy dance) I googled Edmonton's weather forcast when I get there:
High in the 60's F and low in the 40's F. Aye ya yi!
That's our February weather here.
I'm gunna freeze.



Auntie Em said...

While the end of summer is always so bittersweet, don't think of it as something over but something new and wonderful starting! AND you are coming to Canada to see a new little munchkin! How exciting!!!!:o)

Kirsten said...

I love fall too, but I would be happy for summer to hang out just a little more.

And how creative are you with how you did the draw? You are the bees knees

Tracey said...

Yahhh me Tracey??? Thank so much Maribel! And jenn for the awesome give away

Kimmartha said...

I hear you! Fall is absolutely my fave season of the year, but I do enjoy our lazy summer days. One more reason I decided to become a teacher - haha!! Oh, and don't forget to pack your long John's when you head to the Great White North - heehee ;D

April said...

I love fall too! I do not however love having to turn my heat on in September. When we left the Maritimes last week it was 30 degrees. When we landed in Edmonton the pilot laughed while telling us the weather was 4 degrees.
I have hot chocolate and an electric fireplace..hint hint nudge nudge

PamelaM said...

The bees knees? hee hee...I never heard that one before.

The weather has been really weird these last couple of weeks. Bring lots of woolies with you. Wish you were coming to Freddy.

PS - Congrats Tracey.