Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a squashed tomato

Even though I've been back from Canada for a week and a half, I'm still playing catch-up. Sure it was a relaxing vacation, but I never thought it would take this long to get back into the swing of things. Aye ya yi!

One thing I got to do this past weekend was get a little scrapping done during Skrap 'n Chat's online crop. yesss. I created this page for my challenge to document a Now and Then moment through photos. I still get a little teary when I look at Maribel's 1 year photos and then look at her now. She's growing up to be such a beautiful little girl with such spunk.

I still feel like a squashed tomato playing ketchup heh heh but the weekend is coming up soon and I have many fun crafty things planned along with some no fun chores that need to be done. I'm all about balance. Oh and sleeping in is on the list too.



AprilC said...

When I first read the title I was like "is she comparing Maribel's red hair to a squashed tomato?" *giggle*

Hope you "ketchup" soon. ;)

Jenn said...

OMGoodness April you totally made me LOL.

Julie said...

Wow,she has totally transformed from a cute baby to a beautiful little girl.