Saturday, February 20, 2010

3rd time's a charm

We had Maribel's 3 year portraits done today and just wanted to share a few of my faves =)
When I saw this, I cried. I didn't care who saw because it didn't matter what they thought. I could only think of how much I love my little one and how incredibly lucky I am to be her mom.
I'm still in denial that she's turning 3 next week. Where did the time go? This time around we managed 104 photos and it was reeeeeeally tough to get it down to even a top ten, but we did it.
Of course there will be more photos to come but they will be complimented with pretty paper and glue.

Then of course, not every pic was um...picture perfect??

Coming to a LO near you ;0)



Lisa and DJ said...

I just bought Aubrey that pink shirt with yellow flowers. :) LOVE that photo of you it weird that she looks like you?

Jenn said...

It's just that confirmation that what's meant to be is meant to be ;0) Plus have you ever noticed that pets tend to look like their owners?

Kirsten said...

She soooo looks like you!! But she (and you) are cuter than dogs!!

Love all the pics, especially the bottom one. It's all kid!

Julie said...

I love the photos! Did you get Maribel when she was an infant? Time does fly by.

Julie said...
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