Thursday, February 25, 2010

WARNING she's 3

Three years ago today we held our precious little girl in our arms and gave her a name.
Maribel Lee.
She stole our hearts that very second and has held a ninja grip on it ever since.
We celebrated her special day on the weekend with some family, friends, presents, oh and sugar of course. The weather warmed up and we all got a little sun which was so nice. I think we all are ready for spring but not before cake ;0)
It was a good thing that she had her own. As she made her wish and blew out the candles there was one that was stubborn and so she made it go out with a little something extra. Mmm mmm. And that there people is why we have separate cakes. Happy Birthday little princess!



Suzanne said...

She's been blessed with a great mom who can make awesome birthday hats and decorations and whatever else she needs! Happy Birthday Maribel!

Lisa and DJ said...

Oh my cuteness!!

Julie said...

Looks like she had a great party! Happy 3rd Maribel

Kirsten said...

Such a happy day for all (especially those who didn't have to share her cake!!)