Monday, February 1, 2010

almost 3

I see this look oh too often, usually right before she gets into something she's not supposed to. But I guess that's part of becoming 3. I can't get over how fast she's growing and how amazingly worth it she is!
I really can't imagine my life with out her in it. 

Last week I had a pretty traumatic dr visit where I had to soak my foot for several hours a night and she could see that I was in pain and would very gently caress my arm and say, "Iss'alwight mommy. Don't cwy, iss okay." She then got on her knees and prayed to our Heavenly Father that he would bless her Mommy to feel better followed with a kiss and a hug. Of course that made me cry even more but not because of the pain but because of her caring sweet nature.

Right now her favourite food is yogurt and orange juice. I guess chocolate milk has taken a back burner for now, but if I'm not careful she will sneak a sip of my Diet Coke and tell me approvingly, "Mmm, I like soda."

As any mom could list why they love their child the best, I will end here with the number one reason why I love my little Boo so much; because she is mine.
Oh how lucky I am.

We've been practicing on sticking out only 3 fingers and well... we still need some more practice =)



Lisa and DJ said...

3 is such a fun age Jenn. I can't believe how much they continue to grow and learn. You will love 3!

Julie said...

She is such a cutie.They do grow oh so fast.Cherish your time with her,they really aren't with us long.I think of this daily as my first born is nearly 15 :(

Suzanne said...

She is blessed to have you too!