Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hey cupcake

With the busy holidays in November and December I got caught up with the hustle and bustle of the holiday crazyness so I couldn't post my fab finds and before I knew it January came and went. But this month I can't seem to get enough of cupcakes. I really have to contain myself from buying all the cupcakes I see as I've yet to meet a cupcake I didn't like. Yes, I love them that much.

I found some super cute material and trim for an upcoming project for little m&me; Hello Cupcake book with some awesome techniques for succulent cupcakes that are bound to woo any crowd coming to a plate near me; making clay cookies that I since turned into earrings heehee they are so fun; Valentine M&M's that I have to hide from the ever so sneaky almost three year old, I swear it's like they are born with a spidey sense or something for detecting sugary goodness; making dishwashing fun with a cute cupcake tea towel; serving JoeJoe some love toast on a heart plate; and of course some scrappy yumminess with some Doodlebug cupcake brads, Basic Grey Nook and Pantry paper, and a dollar cupcake stamp sprinkled with buttons. Ah L'Amour!

It's all I can do from not enjoying the sugar rush of creamed icing spread over a sponge of baked battered goodness everyday so I found that the more permament kind are the way to go. Plus they won't pass my lips straight to my hips *wink*

***My Fabulous Finds were inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner's blog entry called Monthly Merriment. She is very inspiring and it's such a fun blog to read. Go check her out here.



Kirsten said...

how can you not love a cupcake?

Lisa and DJ said...

Hey, if you find a way to keep 'em off the hips...let me know!!

Julie said...

Seriously! I need to come shopping with you! You find the coolest,cutest things.I love that gathered pink ribbon!!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

I love cupcakes too! I saw the cutest pattern for a cupcake pin cushion! Just waiting for the right sale to go get it.