Sunday, February 7, 2010

so sweet

I love buttons. I have such fond memories laying on the livingroom floor with my feet swinging back and forth in the air sorting through my mom's button box. I would have little piles of my favourites and pretend they were a form of special currency that only queens and princesses would carry. 

So what do you do when the dear husband has control of the tv and watching really out there Japanimation? Why go blog hoppin and get inspired of course! I know. Silly question. While going through my blog list I caught this super cute button bracelet tutorial.  I tried doing other things but couldn't not have woa double negative there-oops mother daughter button bracelets for church today.

And since I was creating, I also did a little scrappin'.
I knew when Vic sent me this photo, I couldn't just let it sit on my hard drive. Seeing my niece hug that baby bump is sweetness at it's best.



Lisa and DJ said...

Oh my cute bracelets! And that doesn't look like much of a baby bump (wish my preggo bellies were that skinny!) but the LO is so, so sweet.

Julie said...

I love the layout and those bracelets.A friend of mine has a button necklace and I love it!

Jared and Andrea said...

I saw your bracelet on Sunday and I loved it! Didn't get to tell you with all the craziness. See you tonight.

Emily said...

Buttons, Babies and Big Bars of chocolate! Alllll good!!! :D

I have been known to dig through a button box or two myself!