Sunday, June 13, 2010

beaches and consequences

This morning Joe and I thought it would be fun to hit the beach before church gotta love the 1 o'clock start times.
so we packed a couple juice jugs and hopped in the car and made our way to Cocoa Beach. Well, it was that or laze around the house watching Retro TV eating crackers and peanut butter. This was better.
I wanted to try out some camera shots I read about and well.... I need to work on it some more. I didn't get any of the results I was hoping for. At all. *sigh* I'll keep trying but at least I had my Muse lens with me so all was not lost. My favourite was this one I captured of this surfer dude riding out. 

The weather was gorgeous and we managed a quick wave or two before heading back. But one thing I learned today is that I will not go to the beach without my little surfer chick again. Especially when I've missed her so much while she's away.

And if missing my boo wasn't enough, I learned the hard way to not eat at a Bithlo Burger King. I caught food poisoning from their ham and cheese sanny. That's not a fun lesson learned.
I guess I'm destined to eat those crackers after all.


Lisa and DJ said...

If you move to Utah, so you can run into the mountains before 1 o'clock church. :) Those are some awesome shots!

PamelaM said...

Love the beach shot Jenn. I was wondering how you were making out without your little boo around.

Hope you are feeling better.