Sunday, June 20, 2010

galosh by gosh

It's been raining cats and frogs all day with very little sign of letting up so instead of staying couped up inside snacking on peanut butter and crackers (a family favourite) we headed outside for a little rain play.
Joe came outside to play with us and we decided to have a little family toothpick race to help celebrate Father's Day. Maribel watched closely to ensure that everyone stayed in the game and jumped a few more puddles. We decided to head in side after a few bright flashes but before running indoors I thought it might be a good thing to check out her boots first. 
Mini puddles in your shoes. Hee Hee Just fill your galoshes and slosh around a little. It's like holding a seashell to your ear to hear the ocean. Well, maybe not exactly like that but close enough.
Happy Father's Day!  



April said...

You three are such a cute family! I can't wait till Easton is big enough to splash around in the rain with!

PamelaM said...

Love this post Jenn. I love that little ones can find the simple pleasures in things.