Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my sister from a different mister

And so she is.
My Sister in law, Anna, is one super special gal! Not only is she the best Future Professional I know, but she's the best "see a movie at midnight" buddie too. We have caught every Twilight movie at opening night with another coming up eep!  She's never afraid to break out into song in the middle of Target and she pops a mean popcorn! Oh and she has the cutest freckles ever!!! tee hee  I love you like whoa too!
This was one of my pages that I had sitting out for the longest time unfinished. I just couldn't quite get it the way I wanted with a sort of rock star feel until I remembered I had some Tim Holtz Grungeboard chipboard hiding about. I painted them then used the Modge Podge glitter on top with some Glimmer mist for that added shazam! kapow! heiya!
Lately I've been into making my own clay buttons as seen on some of my recent pages.  I love how even the simplist thing can make a page so unique. I wonder if I could make my own clay cutters, 'cause molding them by hand is a ton of work. Hmmm that's got me thinking...
Look out! A brainstorm's a brewin'.


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Julie said...

This is a great funky layout.I love it!